About us

Callaghan Innovation employs some of New Zealand's leading scientists, engineers, researchers, designers and developers, and has the equipment to support them. These people, their expertise and equipment are available to help businesses succeed through innovation and R&D.

We provide a single front door to the innovation system for businesses at all stages of their innovation journey – from start-ups to the most experienced R&D performers.

For more information on the services Callaghan Innovation provide head to our main website(external link)

About Us

We deliver services to businesses
We’re a mix of about 300 researchers, engineers, scientists, technologists, designers, entrepreneurs, advisors and administrators delivering self-help and on-demand services and tailored programmes:

Access to experts
Connecting businesses with the right advisor, partner, mentor or technology provider. More(external link)

Technology and product development
Taking an idea from concept to commercial reality with tailored R&D solutions. More(external link)

Innovation skills
Building skills and capability so businesses are innovation-ready. More(external link)

Business collaborations
Collaborative projects to reduce R&D costs and share industry knowledge. More(external link)

A range of R&D grants to add scale, depth and return to R&D investments. More(external link)

We build New Zealand’s capability
We have the talent, resources, knowledge and connections to drive better integration, co-ordinate networking and get value out of gaps and opportunities across the innovation system:

Inspiring current and future innovators
Getting today’s and tomorrow’s innovators excited about the possibilities and ambitious about growing bigger and faster.

Collaborative sectors
Bringing clusters of businesses together to solve common industry problems.

Technology networks
Connecting businesses to our networks of expertise, research, advice and funding.

International partnerships
Staying at the forefront of what’s happening offshore to maximise opportunities in developments, trends and discoveries in New Zealand.

Support for start-ups
Founder Incubators - providing entrepreneurs with support, networks and investments to build a business. More(external link)

Technology incubators - facilitating the commercialisation of complex intellectual property sourced from research organisations. More(external link)

Accelerators - for early stage ICT and digital start-ups. More(external link)