Our people

Robert Breukers

Robert Breukers

Senior Research Scientist

Advanced Materials

Coatings and Polymers

Areas of expertise

  • Characterisation and optimisation of coatings (drying time, adhesion, UV stability, Karl Fischer moisture analysis)
  • Polymer/plastic recycling and purification
  • Quality control and analysis of polymeric material failure
  • Prototyping and formulation assistance
  • Polymer characterisation, (FTIR, DSC/TGA, Microscopy, Heat Capacity)
  • Organic chemistry and synthesis
  • Quantification and understanding active ingredient and by-product release (ion selective electrode quantification, GCMS, NMR).


  • PhD Chemistry


Robert has an interest in understanding how molecules and materials interact with the environment to enable the design of better materials and therefore better products.

He is regularly involved in commercial consultation with various companies and other end-users to assist them in meeting their R&D goals.