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n.yang profile

Nan Yang

Research Scientist

Advanced Materials

Cements and Mineral Processing

Areas of expertise

  • Magnesia based cement system
  • Cement characterisation and analysis
  • Concrete durability assessment
  • Mineral extraction and processing


  • PhD (Civil & Natural Resources Engineering, University of Canterbury)


  • Reactive Magnesium Oxide Products: Carbon Neutral Cement for the Future? in Concrete New Zealand, Hamilton, 2018.
  • Investigation of the solubility of olivine for use in carbon dioxide storage; 47th Chemeca - Chemical Engineering in Australasia, Queenstown, 2018.
  • Properties of Magnesium Based Cements, The New Zealand Concrete Industry Conference, Wellington, 2017.
  • A Review on Research Progresses in Magnesium Phosphate Cement-based Materials, in Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, (2014). 26(10):554-555.         
  • Effect of Waterglass on Water Stability of Potassium Magnesium Phosphate Cement Paste, in Cement and Concrete Composites, (2014). 2014, 53(10):83–87