Our people

Patrick Lim

Patrick Lim

Team Leader, Principal Research Engineer

Advanced Manufacturing

Robotics and Automation

Areas of expertise

• Vision guided robotics
• Mobile robotics
• Adaptive control
• Automation


• MEng Electrical, University of Auckland

Professional activities

• IEEE Senior member
• Kiwinet Commercialisation Collaboration Award - Team award
• Royal Society Medal for Contributions to NZ Robotics Industry - Team award


Patrick has 20 years of R&D experience developing new technologies from concept to prototype with a particular interest in the processing of naturally varying products and delivering industry viable automated solutions. He was science co-leader of the Ovine Automation Research Programme established to transform the ovine processing industry which was awarded the KiwiNet Commercialisation Collaboration Team award.


• Vision system for the automation of ovine carcass processing, D. Cheng, C K Wong and P K Lim, Vol 02-04-December-2014, ACRA 2014.
• Robotic sorting of ovine offal: Discussion of a soft peristaltic approach, M. Stommel, W. Xu, P K Lim and B K Kadmiry, Soft Robotics, Vol 1 Issue 4, Dec 2014.
• Vision-based approach for the localisation and manipulation of ground-based crop, B. Kadmiry, C.K Wong, P K Lim, Int. Journal of Computer Applications in Technology, Vol 50, Issue 1-2, 2014.
• Experimental VGR for 3D Object Tracking and Contour Following, C K Wong and P K Lim, Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation (ACRA), Melbourne, Australia, 7-9th December 2011.
• Automatic gas injection for reduced strain depelting of ovine carcass, P K Lim, P Stucki, C Lennox, J van Beurden, G Bates, 25th International Conf of CAD/CAM, Robotics and Factories of the Future (CARsFOF), Pretoria, South Africa, 13–16th July, 2010.