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paul linton

Paul Linton

General Manager Research and Development (R&D) Solutions


Paul has a background in international business and economic development in both the private and public sectors. He has held senior positions with MetService of New Zealand, Airways New Zealand , New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and Objective Corporation.

He has also held a number of roles as New Zealand’s trade commissioner in Australia, Asia and the Pacific.

His industry background spans a wide range of technology organisations – incorporating software, data, science, engineering and manufacturing.

Paul runs the R&D Solutions division of Callaghan Innovation employing New Zealand’s leading scientists and engineers who provide R&D, product prototyping and innovation services. R&D Solutions covers the four key subgroups: Biotechnology, Advanced Manufacturing, IoT and Data Solutions and Advanced Materials, as well as Callaghan Innovation’s commercial businesses: KiwiStar OpticsGlycoSyn and the Measurement Standards Laboratory (MSL) of New Zealand.