Advanced manufacturing

We help solve complex manufacturing challenges for the new breed of ‘smart industry’ operators who are using technology to revolutionise the production process.

Our expertise covers robotics, advanced engineering, automation, 3D printing and other technologies used by the world’s best manufacturers to gain a competitive edge.


Case studies

Our areas of expertise

Robotics and automation

We design and build customised industrial robotics and automation systems for manufacturing and production processes, specialising in systems to process naturally varying products.

Additive manufacturing

Gain maximum value from additive manufacturing technology by using our world-class 3D printing facilities, materials, design and engineering expertise.

Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT

We work with companies to implement Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems by connecting equipment and sensors, setting up communication and control systems, implementing data management processes and enabling data analytics.

Engineering Protoshop

Our advanced engineering workshops turn smart ideas into precision prototypes by providing on-demand design and manufacturing services for all of Callaghan Innovation’s research and development teams with a wide range of machining, fabrication, CAD design, 3D scanning and reverse engineering capabilities.

We can help with

Reducing asset management and maintenance costs

Make the most of low-cost sensors, the Internet of Things, augmented reality and other advanced technologies to monitor and manage assets more efficiently.

Improving productivity

Reduce manufacturing costs and improve production outputs by optimising processes and leveraging automation, IoT and other advanced manufacturing technologies.

Reducing the cost and risk of product development

Increase your speed of innovation and new product development by partnering with our R&D experts to deliver results, fast.

Our people

Within Callaghan Innovation’s Advanced Manufacturing Group, we have world-class scientists and engineers who combine international experience in manufacturing technologies with solid business and industry connections. Meet our group.