Robotics and automation

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We develop customised industrial robotics and automation systems for manufacturing and production processes.

Our innovations can help customers increase yields, improve manufacturing productivity, improve product quality, reduce production costs, and reduce health and safety risks.




Vision guided robots, mobile robots, tele-robots, industrial robots, autonomous robots, robot operating systems (ROS).

Applications: agriculture, horticulture, meat processing, pasture management, crop estimation, autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance.

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Mechanical engineering, electro-mechanical, PC-based control, PLC, embedded controller, software design, pneumatic, hydraulic, data acquisition, sensor integration.

Applications: food and beverage production, aquaculture, fish and shellfish processing, horticulture, meat processing and pelt cutting, deboning fish fillets, mussel opening, pelt removal, transport and handling of variable objects.

Case studies

Sanford Ltd

Sanford Ltd case study

Business opportunity
Increase productivity of the post-harvest production for the export market by removing the process bottleneck — a task that was manually intensive and had significant health and safety issues.

What we did
Developed a highly innovative solution that singulated, detected, oriented and automatically opened mussels by integrating machine vision, robotic and sensing technologies.

Commissioned the world’s first fully automated prototype system in a processing plant. The technology has since been commercialised by an industry partner.

Ovine Automation Ltd

Ovine Automation Ltd

Business opportunity
Improve the efficiency of the lamb de-skinning process by reducing the significant amount of manual handling that compromises meat quality.

What we did
Developed a suite of advanced robotic-based solutions that incorporated bespoke end-effectors, sensing and robotic technologies that adapt to carcass size, species and wool to perform the foreleg y-cut, foreleg clearing, brisket clearing and forequarter clearing operations.

Commissioned four world-first prototypes in the meat processing plant. They are in various stages of commercialisation by an industry partner.