Advanced materials

Superior products begin with great materials. Our experts can help select or develop the materials you need to give your products a competitive edge when it comes to performance and/or functionality.

Whether you’re seeking to improve an existing product or develop a new one, we can help you make the right material choices.

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Our areas of expertise


Every feature of your product is dependent on your choice and utilisation of materials.

Find out more about the latest materials-based science and developments that could transform your business.


Advanced engineering

Our experts in specialised engineering services solve complex design and manufacturing problems including non-linear structural, vibration, thermodynamic and computational fluid dynamic analysis.

Why do materials matter?

Whether you’re seeking to improve an existing product, or develop a new one, we can help you make the right material choices.

Smart materials

Materials that actively interact with the external environment to provide multifunctionality.

Complex materials

Materials that use shape and structure as well as chemistry to achieve enhanced performance.

Shaping and forming

The processing of materials determines performance. Designing with this in mind will provide major business benefits.

Recycling and upcycling

As sustainability becomes paramount, reusing waste streams and designing for recycling become vital business advantages.

Simulation, analysis and testing

Find out how and why materials perform as they do. Predict how materials will perform in future applications to select the best material for the job.

Material Selector Starter Service

The easiest way to accelerate your materials selection process and find the right material for your needs.

We can help with


When it comes to the latest materials, there’s a world of possibilities you may not have considered. Let us broaden your horizons.


Our experts can help you characterise, select and test the best materials for your product or process development.

Reducing the cost and risk of product development

We provide data analytics (models) to predict the best development and innovation pathways for new product development. We work with R&D experts to leverage multi-disciplined capability pools.

A comprehensive approach

We work across a wide range of materials – smart, complex and hybrid materials, metals, plastic, ceramics, composites, coatings and everything in between.

Improving product performance and quality

Gain a competitive advantage by using advanced design tools and engineering analysis to improve your products.

Strong connections

We work with you to find the best solution, using our connections and relationships with commercial providers and other research institutions.

A partnership approach

Your problem is our problem. We’ll work with you collaboratively to find the best solution – at your factory or our lab, whichever is most appropriate.

R&D advice and support

If you have an R&D strategy to implement, we are available to provide advice, guidance and support.

What we do

Product or process design

Offer expert support with materials selection, mechanical and structural modelling, simulation and all other aspects of the design phase.

Proof of concept prototyping

Develop lab-scale proof of concept prototypes, taking an iterative design approach to feature development.

Process assessment

Assess and develop your processes to realise the most appropriate method given factors such as the properties you need, the scale of manufacturing, cost of production.

Post treatment

Enhance performance with coatings, surface treatments and heat treatment.

Performance testing

We have a comprehensive suite of capabilities for physical, thermal, chemical, mechanical and corrosion testing and analysis.

Product specification

Test against standards, develop specification sheets and standard operating practices that cover health and safety compliance.

Our people

Within Callaghan Innovation’s Advanced Materials Group, we have world-class scientists and engineers who combine international experience in materials technologies with solid business and industry connections. Meet our group.