Advanced Materials

Our materials experts can help select or develop the materials you need to get the performance or functionality that will give your products an advantage.

Materials make up the physical world we live and work in. Advanced materials can outperform traditional materials and provide multiple benefits such as strength and thermal insulation. They may also be more lightweight and fire-resistant. When combining these materials with design, the door to future products and solutions opens.

Selecting the right materials to create your product can ultimately determine its success or demise.

Whether seeking to improve an existing product, or developing a new one, we can help with your choices around the materials you use to realise the performance or functionality that will give your product an advantage.

Case studies

Our areas of expertise:

Designing products and processes

Our experts can support materials selection, mechanical and structural modelling and simulation.

Concept prototyping

We develop lab scale proof of concept prototypes, taking an iterative design approach to feature development.

Processing support and development

Our specialists in additive manufacturing, injection moulding and machining processes and development can advise on the best way to create your products.


We can enhance the performance of your products with coatings, surface treatments and heat treatment.

Testing performance

We have comprehensive facilities for mechanical, corrosion, physical, thermal, chemical and mechanical testing and analysis.

Product specification

We can test against standards, develop specification sheets and standard operating practices that cover health and safety compliance.

Recycling and upcycling

Whether considering sustainability in the original design or post use, we have expertise that can help.

We can help with:


We work with you to find the best solution, whether that is a commercial provider or the services of another research institution.

All materials

We work across a wide range of materials – smart, complex and hybrid materials, metals, plastic, ceramics, composites, coatings and all things in between.

Productivity improvements

We can help you reduce manufacturing costs and improve production.

Enhanced product performance and quality

Gain a competitive advantage by using advanced processes, expertise and equipment to improve your products.

Expert advice

Our advanced materials experts can help you select the best materials for your product or process development, including materials characterisation and testing.


Let us open your imagination and show you the new possibilities that the latest materials can offer.