Shaping and forming case studies

3D Printed Moulds

Business Challenge
A startup company wanted to create 3D moulds for casting metal.

What we did
We recommended the best materials for this project, developing a prototype mould material and gave them test moulds.

Business outcome
The startup is now raising capital to fund the next step thanks to the prototypes we helped develop.


Compotool Ltd

Compotool Ltd

Business opportunity
Compotool is a company offering tooling boards with high thermal stability and excellent machining characteristics, which can be used as a high-accuracy pattern material or for prototype and short-run direct tooling. They want to find a new economical material for use in a current process, but without detrimentally affecting important properties.

What we did
Proposed and synthesized a new cementitious material using our autoclave facility, optimised the recipe and finished preliminary testing.

Due to the success of preliminary results, Compotool has now built an autoclave facility for themselves and hired a full-time staff member to deepen the research.