We deliver tailored R&D services, helping to create new product opportunities in the fields of biological materials, bioprocessing and biotechnology.

Our experts can help your business develop new food and health products derived from sources such as meat, dairy, plant, honey, seafood and fermentation broths into high-value products including nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and food ingredients.

We can provide the science to help you validate your product claims, optimise manufacturing processes and help get your products to market faster.

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Our areas of expertise:

Analysis, identification and verification

We conduct advanced analysis of oils, fats, fatty acids, complex lipids, proteins, anti-inflammatories, flavonoids, pigments, food ingredients, antioxidants and natural products.


Our MPI-registered facility with labs and pilot-scale fermentation can process up to 1,000 litres. We are specialists in small molecule and secondary metabolite production.


We offer world class facilities for evaluation of solvent extraction technologies. Including liquid solvents, compressed gases, and supercritical fluid extractions from lab to pilot scale. Our large-scale test facilities can handle up to 1,000 litres.

Separation, purification and isolation

Our unit operations include milling, extraction and fractionation, solvent removal/evaporation, filtration, freeze drying, formulation, preparative chromatography, centrifugation and concentration/isolation.

Production, manufacture and scaling-up

We develop and evaluate industrial manufacturing processes for natural products. This includes process modelling, optimisation, and scale up.

We provide pilot to small scale manufacture of trial products, including rated facilities for use of ethanol and other flammable solvents. We are approved by MPI to manufacture selected products.

Proteins and enzymes

We are specialists in extraction, isolation and characterisation of bioactive proteins and peptides for structure and function determination.

Our services include the optimisation of enzymes for industrial applications including biotransformation and chemo-enzymatic synthesis.

Recombinant expression

We can customise project design from initial molecular biology, cloning and screening, through to expression and isolation of proteins, antibodies, enzymes and biomolecules.

Extracting value from waste streams

We host the Bioresource Processing Alliance, a consortium of NZ research providers who develop novel methods to extract valuable nutrients and components from biological waste streams.

Food-grade facilities

We are able to produce food ingredients and products - either in our own food-grade laboratories, or in partnership with the Foodbowl and NZ Food Innovation Network.

We can help with:

Developing high-value products from biological materials

Assist in the transformation of biological materials into high value products such as nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, and natural agrochemicals.

Accelerating innovation

We provide an integrated range of in-house expertise that allows you to perform end-to-end product development in a single place, improving development timelines and reducing risk. We can also help you with new product concepts and the novel processing technologies to make them.

Improving product development, performance and quality

We have a comprehensive suite of equipment to develop and improve your products. This is supported by our analytical capability to validate product quality, composition and functionality.

MPI approved facilities

A MPI registered transitional and containment facility with a range of fermentation and production capability (up to 1000 litres), with downstream processing, filtration and extraction expertise on-site. We also have food-grade facilities to support the manufacture, processing and scale-up of food products.

Expert advice

A highly qualified workforce of professional scientists and engineers to solve difficult challenges through consultancy, contracted work and secondment arrangements.