Process engineering

chemical and food process engineering hero

We develop and evaluate industrial manufacturing processes for products derived from natural materials. This includes process modelling, optimisation, and scale-up.

We can carry out pilot to small-scale manufacturing of trial products and our facilities are rated for the use of ethanol and other flammable solvents. We are approved by MPI to manufacture selected products using our in-house facilities or via the FINNZ network, including the FoodBowl.


Our areas of expertise

Natural product process development

Including raw material preparation, extraction and formulation for herbal tinctures, nutraceuticals, foods and food ingredients, plant extracts and biofuels.

Industrial process development

Covering extraction, drying, membrane separation, evaporation, crystallisation, encapsulation, chemical and enzymatic processing, and adsorption separations.

Solvent extraction

Including water, liquid organic solvents, supercritical CO2, and liquefied gases (propane, dimethyl ether).

Process engineering and technology transfer

Scale-up of processes from a lab or pilot scale to semi-commercial manufacture using in-house facilities, through our network of FINNZ pilot plants, or via tech transfer to contract manufacturers.

Process feasibility, optimisation and scale-up

Determination of technical and economic feasibility, process design, regulatory advice in selected fields, implementation of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) for applications in food, health, cosmetics, biomaterials, biofuels and waste treatment.

Product and co-stream separation

Extraction and recovery of value from solutions within the dairy, horticulture and meat industries, including the processing of by-product streams to add value and reduce waste.

Food processing technology

Development of food processing technologies for processed foods, dietary supplements and functional food ingredients to a semi-commercial scale including prototype production at the FoodBowl.