Communications technologies

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Our communications team are experts in advanced digital signal processing (DSP) – a capability built up over 30 years.

We have deep experience in wireless, audio and sonar technologies, mesh networks and smart nodes, electronic hardware and embedded software – all applicable to multiple industry sectors.

We have highly capable electronic design and firmware development teams, along with modern, high-end communications labs including printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping facilities, plus radio frequency (RF) and audio anechoic chambers. 


Our areas of expertise

Audio and acoustic technologies

Audio and acoustic engineering, digital signal processing and implementation on field-programmable gate array (FPGA) and digital signal processing (DSP) platforms.

Underwater ultrasound and sonar technologies

Sonar system design, transducer technology, transceiver architectures, low noise electronics, as well as programmable logic and high-power transmitters.

Wireless communications

Wireless signal processing, digital radio design, digital signal processing, wireless mesh networks, localisation systems, smart edge processing and implementation on FPGA and DSP platforms.

RF Anechoic Chamber

Our Radio Frequency (RF) RF Anechoic Chamber is now available to rent for your design, development and testing needs.

PCB Assembly Services

Learn more about our PCB Assembly Services and Rapid prototyping facilities available for electronics projects.

Applications for our technologies and services


  • Virtual reality, surround and entertainment equipment
  • Radio modems
  • Next generation radios
  • Marine sonar

Our people