PCB Assembly Services

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Efficient PCB prototype and small-batch PCB production

Callaghan Innovation's PCB Lab can help you quickly and easily take your electronics or mechatronics projects from concept to PCB manufacturing and assembly.

We will assist you throughout the assembly and testing process to ensure you achieve a high quality result that meets your precise performance requirements. 

 For more information, download our PCB Lab Flyer [PDF, 152 KB].


Benefits to your business

  • Faster more cost-effective prototyping
  • Reduced quality errors vs hand placement
  • Ideal stepping stone to outsourcing or in house automation
  • Client focused IP policy and security

What's included?

Our Prototype and Small series PCB service includes the following:

  • Review of components
  • Storage of components (including moisture sensitive parts)
  • Part placement and reflow
  • QC for placement quality
  • Options for expert support going forward

What will you need to supply?


  • Blank PCBs (up to 240x340 mm)
  • Framed PCB stencil
  • Parts, BoM and placement file


Contact Us

Should you have any questions about any of our services, please get in touch. We will be more than happy to help.