Data solutions

Our expert team can create value-generating solutions to solve your data problems.

Data analytics


Want to solve a business problem with data but lack the expertise?

Our data analytics team can apply a comprehensive range of data analytic techniques to solve your problems such as:

  • Using machine learning to develop models for forecasting future trends
  • Developing algorithms capable of accurately selecting bio-markers for cancer diagnostic
  • Optimising variables such as price, time and resource consumption to improve business performance
  • Developing image recognition algorithms to identify objects of importance from images

Data engineering


Want to develop infrastructure to store and analyse a vast quantity of data? Want to implement data analytic solutions into your commercial pipeline or products?

Our data engineering team will develop customised infrastructure and software, at a production ready level, so that your data can be processed and analysed to extract insights.

Services include:

  • Developing data stores on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure
  • Building data pipelines to collect and analyse data
  • Building software that incorporates models created from data analytic solutions, ready to be used by an end user to gain new insights

Case studies

Cancer diagnostic tool

Cancer diagnostic tool

Business opportunity
A medical start-up wanted to develop a new cancer diagnostics tool utilising their specialised domain knowledge, but they had a small clinical dataset.

What we did
Developed an algorithm capable of accurately seeking biomarkers for cancer detection.

New patented cancer screening tool.

Improving farm management

Improved farm management

Business opportunity
An established business, new to data science, wanted to improve farm management using their existing platform for collecting and visualising data and their large database.

What we did
Developed a model to predict pasture growth rates for specific sub-paddocks/paddocks on farms.

More efficient pasture management and livestock rotation planning.