There is an escalating world-wide demand for energy saving technologies that enable the production of quality small parts (or devices) for a multitude of applications including microfluidics, micro-electromechanical devices and precision engineering applications, such as micro gears and micro actuators and sensors.

3D printing has transformed how we make things, but currently it can’t operate on the small, 5-microns scale needed for microfabrication.

We have developed ways to make microfabrication more accessible and are proud to have created a new technology that addresses the significant need for rapid prototyping in the target microscale range.

Case study

Laminated Resin Printing and MicroMaker3D


Business opportunity
Introduction of a step-change printing technology, with the ability to rapidly prototype high-resolution microscale structures.

What we did
Developed a new method of 3D printing, that can print structures smaller than the eye can see.

The launch of MicroMaker3D, a microscale, high-resolution 3D printing patent-pending Laminated Resin Printing (LRP) technology representing a step change in the ability to rapidly prototype high-resolution microscale structures. LRP makes it fast, easy and affordable for researchers, developers and manufacturers to develop a wide range of printed structures for applications such as electronics, wearables, sensors, IoT devices and more.