Micro-fabrication facility

microfabrication and cleanroom facility hero

All high-tech devices have microfabricated components. Our microfabrication facility supports the precision engineering of devices for electronics, optics, microfluidics, sensors, lithography, displays, and more.

The facility also supports work requiring a clean room for environmental control - an example is microplasma studies where control of bacterial contamination is critical.


Our services include


  • Class 100 and 1000 cleanroom facility
  • Photomask fabrication
  • Micro-mould fabrication
  • Wafer dicing
  • Thin film coating
  • Surface modification
  • Inspection and analysis

Case study

Micro-plasma-based ozone treatment

Business opportunity
Low cost improved control of bacterial levels on meat cuts. The absence of chemical residues is an important advantage for export markets.

What we did
Characterised how much ozone was required, and for how long, to inactivate several species of bacteria found on meat samples from retail outlets. Costed a scaled-up processing plant using the new technology.

Availability of a new technology for assuring meat safety despite common bacterial contamination. Can be applied to further areas in primary production.