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Ultrasonic technologies are the foundation for many devices used in multiple sensing applications across all industry sectors.

We use our deep experience to fabricate custom array transducers and dual frequency devices for applications in infrastructure monitoring, non-destructive testing (NDT), agritech and medical imaging.

Some examples of our work are:

  • Enhanced, targeted drug delivery for the agricultural sector: improved targeting using harmonic imaging concepts in combination with improved vascularity/drug transfer for improved herd productivity and management
  • Elasticity imaging for NDT and sensing in: industry (adhesive curing, material stiffness and characterisation), agritechn (fruit ripeness, meat freshness) and tissues (disease state and diagnosis, cancer diagnosis)

Case study

Custom ultrasound transducer and system design

Ultrasound case study

Business opportunity
Our customer needed a custom transducer and system design, manufacturable at low cost, for specific measurement solutions.

What we did
Developed a novel ultrasonic system, including custom high-performance, low-cost transducers for mass manufacture and measurement electronics.

Prototype systems installed in trial locations. Scale up to mass manufacture well advanced. Patenting of system underway.