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Pauline Calloch

Pauline Calloch

Research Scientist

Advanced Materials

Metals and Ceramics

Areas of expertise

  • Hard materials and powder processing
  • Transfer of materials science to full scale production
  • Ceramics
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Complex shaping of ceramics (casting, gelcasting)
  • Materials characterisation
  • XRD characterisation techniques


  • PhD in Advanced Ceramic Materials (2015)
  • Master Degree, Industrial Ceramics (2011)


Pauline has been a researcher in the major MBIE Titanium Technologies (TiTeNZ) programme since 2014 and in parallel has been undertaking ceramic complex shaping projects.

Her main focus is to utilise materials science techniques, such as powder processing and materials characterisation, to bring new technologies to industrial scale production.


  • Oxidation resistance of β-Sialon/TiN composites: an ion beam analysis (IBA) study, Calloch, P., Trompetter, W.J., Brown, I.W.M., and MacKenzie, K.J.D., J Mater Sci, 2018, 53[22], pp. 15348-61.
  • Synthesis and properties of new β-Sialon/TiN composites via a novel AlxTiy intermediate, P. Calloch, I.W.M. Brown, K. J.D. MacKenzie, J.V. Hanna, G. J. Rees, Ceramics International 42 (2016) 2330-8.
  • Additives to promote the nitridation and sintering of a sialon composite, Calloch, P., White, V., Ryan, M., Brown, I., MacKenzie, K, Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, (2011) 47 [2], pp. 74-81.