Advanced engineering

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Our experts in specialised engineering services solve complex design and manufacturing problems, helping to accelerate product development.

We can reduce your time to market, reduce product development risks and improve product performance.

What we offer


• Computer aided design (SolidWorks)
• Mechanical, structural dynamics and vibration analysis (ANSYS software)
• Computational fluid dynamics (CFX, Fluent software)
• Heat transfer and thermodynamics
• Machinery and electrical design
• Software development
• Mechanical and electrical systems integration
• Testing, analysis and monitoring
• Water tunnel testing and simulation


Medical device technology

We bridge the gap between industry, clinicians and technology to commercialise products for health and wellness.

Fluids and hydrodynamics solutions

We offer three world-class testing capabilities for fluids and hydrodynamics: field testing, simulation and lab testing.

Case studies

Fabrum Solutions

Fabrum cryocooler

Business opportunity
Our high temperature superconductor programme identified a technology gap for industrialised medium-power cryocoolers, which presented an opportunity for New Zealand company Fabrum Solutions.

What we did
Developed an innovative cryogenic refrigeration unit, integrated into liquefaction plants, proved it in the field and transferred intellectual property, design and manufacturing process to Fabrum Solutions.

Fabrum Solutions now has a growing export business in cryogenic liquefaction plants.



Business opportunity
Oceanmax needed to quantify the performance benefits of its hydrophobic coating.

What we did
Developed a method to analyse and validate performance of the coating.

Having high-calibre research findings opened up new business opportunities for Oceanmax.