Industry 4.0 / IIoT

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We help companies implement Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT (IIoT) systems by connecting equipment and sensors, setting up communication and sensors, implementing data management processes and enabling data analytics.

These systems can result in improved productivity, reduced maintenance and asset management costs, and reduced health and safety risks for businesses and industry.


What is Industry 4.0?


In the new era of ‘smart manufacturing,’ clever companies are employing a range of digital technologies to enhance the performance, output, monitoring and control of their manufacturing processes, giving them a significant edge over their competitors.

Could Industry 4.0 be the edge your business is looking for?

Find out more at our Industry 4.0 Hub.

We can help with

Lean manufacturing education

Lean manufacturing, pioneered by Toyota, has now become widespread throughout industry. We run Lean programmes across New Zealand with annual workshops in most major centres. Attendees can access Lean consultants to come into your business and help you implement the approach. We’re currently developing Lean 2.0 to add Industry 4.0 approaches to existing Lean methodologies.

Research and technical services

We can give you access to a range of specialist scientists and engineers in fields relevant to Industry 4.0 – from sensing and data science, to virtual reality development. Talk to us about how we can support your initiatives.

Demonstration of Industry 4.0 technologies

See real examples of Industry 4.0 technologies including IIoT systems, connected manufacturing processes, live dashboards, augmented reality, digital twin, and autonomous ground vehicles.

Collaborative robots and automation

We have staff trained to integrate robots into existing process equipment. We offer a one-month free trial for customers wanting to test this technology.

Speakers, collaborations and overseas missions

We have a programme focused on bringing Industry 4.0 experts to New Zealand to share their knowledge with local businesses. Keep an eye out for upcoming events.

Our capabilities


  • Process modelling and optimisation
  • Industrial control systems
  • PLC and micro-controller programming
  • Sensor integration
  • Wired/wireless communications
  • LPWAN expertise (Lora/Sigfox)
  • Custom database development
  • Design and development of electronics

Case study

Mastip Technology Ltd


Business opportunity
Boost productivity and engage staff on manufacturing process improvements.

What we did
Integration of PLC hardware and communication systems to connect manufacturing equipment, development of software to interpret and visualise data on a custom digital dashboard.

A real-time digital dashboard for staff to monitor and optimise manufacturing processes.