Data and IoT

Our multi-disciplined team of experts can deliver solutions relating to the generation, collection, transmission, processing, interpretation, and visualisation of data collected from natural and man-made products across multiple industry sectors and applications.

From system and prototype development through to advanced analytical insights - we deliver products and solutions to grow your business.

Case studies

Our areas of expertise:

Microfabrication, microfluidics and chemical and biochemical analysis

Our team specialises in the development and manufacture of precision micro-componentry, molecular diagnostic systems and emulsion production.

Transducers and sensing: applied physics for measurement and sensing

We utilise our capability in ultrasound transducers, sensing system design, hyperspectral and microwave imaging, optical systems and analogue and digital electronics to deliver innovative measurement solutions.

Communications technologies

We have deep experience in wireless, audio and sonar technologies, advanced digital and signal processing, mesh networks and smart nodes, electronic hardware and embedded software, applicable to multiple industry sectors.

Data science and analytics

We provide expertise in data analytics, artificial intelligence, statistical modelling, bioinformatics, high performance computing and finite element analysis to customise data mining for maximum customer benefit.

Computer vision

We utilise our capability in 3D Pose estimation: real-time embedded systems and 3D modelling and measurement to provide solutions in mobile platform location and orientation, product tracking and logistics, industrial metrology and the measurement and counting of natural products.

Assisted devices and virtual/augmented reality

Our team specialises in robotics/mechatronics, wearable devices, virtual reality/augmented reality and human-computer interaction.

We can help with:

Disruptive product development

Access world class IoT expertise to maximise disruptive technology product offerings and commercial competitive advantage


Reduce manufacturing costs and improve production outputs by utilising IoT technologies to optimise processes and leverage automation.

Product performance and quality

Gain competitive advantage by using IoT tools to provide analytics to quantify and qualify product.

Reducing the cost and risk of product development

We provide data analytics (models) to predict the best development and innovation pathways for new product development. We work with R&D experts to leverage multi-disciplined capability pools.

Reducing asset management and maintenance costs

Leverage low cost sensors, IoT, augmented reality and other advanced technologies to monitor and manage assets more efficiently.